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Established in 2022

- Laura C.Elite 24 7/7/2024
"Love their protein shakes and other drinks as well!!! It tastes like I'm having a delicious shake rather than protein which keeps me coming for more. Their energy drinks/non caffeinated drinks are so refreshing and good. The caffeinated drinks give you a good boost of energy without the jitters. I've drank them before going to the gym and it's just the perfect amount of energy to get a great workout in. All their workers are friendly. Only thing I wish is if they had a label on their protein drinks for which ones contain gluten or are gluten free. I made the mistake of ordering a drink with brownie and I have a gluten allergy (celiac). Like I said it was my mistake because on the back of their drinks list they do break it down what has what but I just was not aware of it. Definitely recommend to anyone trying to be healthier yet wanting a fun delicious protein shake or refreshing drink. This has replaced Starbucks and many other sugary drinks for me. Highly recommend!"